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Campus Ambassadorship Program

Campus Ambassadorship Program nourishes the students of universities and collages to compete the modern world challenges. This program aims to up-skill the students with the professional business skills that are very useful to secure a bright career.

Brand Ambassadorship Program

Brand Ambassadorship Program supports the youth employment by providing several opportunities to the skillful individuals. Our ambassadors are earning online sitting in their bedrooms. Be a part of Alpharanker Ambassadorship Program and grow exponentially.

Perks and Benefits


Numerous learning opportunities to grow your skills


Learn and receive guidance from industry experts!


Win exciting prizes and branded goodies from Alpharanker


Receive certificates for your great leadership skills!


Awareness Seminars

Conduct awareness seminars and webinars in your college, university or community on latest market trends. Alpharanker provides all necessary trainings and resources to its Ambassadors to accomplish this mission.

Up-skilling Youth

Alpharanker aims to up-skill the next generation with the most in-demand digital skills that are required to compete the modern world challenges. Alpharanker not only trains but also provides job placement opportunities.

Eliminate Unemployment

Alpharanker accepted the global challenge to eliminate poverty. Alpharanker's Ambassadorship Program facilitates the unemployed individuals who want to learn and earn a stable income for their living. Sharing is caring.

Joining Procedure


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